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Cayman CS Package

We wanted to create a fast road Cayman that isn't shy of the occasional track day yet still comfortable enough to use daily.


Here are a few of the modifications included in our Cayman CS package...

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Power Steering Cooler

987.1 Caymans do not have a power steering fluid cooler. When running prolonged high RPM, the power steering fluid is being pumped around the system more than normal which increases its temperature. With inadequate cooling this could cause a failure of the rubber power steering hoses.

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X51 Deep Sump

Oil starvation is an issue on the M96 and M97 engines during hard cornering, especially with track tyres. This sump is not simply a copy of the Porsche Motorsport X51 sump, it is slightly deeper which increases the engine oil capacity by 0.6 litres.


Third Radiator

A standard Cayman comes with a radiator each side behind the AC condensers. Adding a third radiator in the middle allows the coolant system to maintain safe temperatures while on track or in hot climates.

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Low Temperature Thermostat

Fitting a low temperature 71°C thermostat allows for a lower normal coolant operating temperature which enables the coolant system to better absorb the heat generated from high load, low engine speed conditions. It also allows for a less restrictive coolant flow as the thermostat opens further earlier, meaning the coolant system can absorb heat from the cylinders and reject it faster through the radiators.

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Heigo Roll Bar

Heigo bolt in roll bar with X brace and harness bar, these can be supplied with just the diagonal and/or without the harness bar.

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GT3 Coffin Arms

Maximum achievable camber on the front of a standard Cayman is around -0.5°. To increase this you can lower the car, use aftermarket top mounts or adjustable coffin arms. Porsche 996/997 GT3 coffin arms are a direct fit for the Cayman and with the use of spacers between the main arm and the inner bush you can increase the maximum camber to around -2.5°.

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Ohlins Road & Track

Ohlins Road & Track dampers with DFV technology are perfect for a fast road 987 Cayman. Custom springs are fitted to optimise them for both fast-road use and trackdays.

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Gear Cable Clamps

Cayman gear cable ends can fail at any time, even during normal driving on the road. These security clamps cover the cable ends preventing total failure which would leave you stranded in a single gear.

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Caliper Studs

The threads on the end of the standard caliper bolts corrode, usually stripping the hub threads when removing the bolt to remove the brake caliper itself.

To solve this issue and prevent being stranded with a stripped hub, we install caliper studs.

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Discs, pads & fluid

We recommend Ferodo DS2500 pads with new Sebro discs, the system will be flushed with Motul RBF600 brake fluid.

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GT3 Brake Ducts

GT3 brake ducts don't hang as low as the standard Cayman ducts, preventing scraping when the car is lowered. They also have ribs to help direct the air to the disc.