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group 4


Group 4Jason EatonComment

I took the Group 4 to a circuitdays trackday at the Nürburgring last month. The car performed perfectly, I was a bit worried about the soft Michelin TB15 tyres but even with the great weather it didn’t cause much of an issue.

Prior to this trip I also fitted a turbo brake master cylinder, this along with the brake ducts from the Group 4 front bumper gave me plenty of confidence on the brakes.

I have the October trackday booked later this year, the only tweaks I might do is some siffer front springs as they are currently 125ft-lb.

Group 4

Group 4Jason EatonComment

The fibreglass arches and bumper have been mocked up and have gone off to the paintshop.

Shouldn’t have a problem driving at night…

The paint shop we are using for this job is Big Bear Kustoms, they specialise in Japanese body kits so this kind of work is second nature to them.