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The RSR project...

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This 1973 Porsche 911 was built into an RSR-style race car in 2017 by Mike Colucci, the former crew chief and engineer for Brumos Racing. Noted Porsche specialist David Brown built the naturally-aspirated 3.8-liter flat-six, which is based on a 964 RSR case and reportedly produces around 400 horsepower. The car also features an AP air jack system, front-mounted oil cooler, reinforced strut towers, 15-gallon fuel safe, 3-gallon oil tank with heater, full roll cage and Lexan windows. The 915 gearbox is equipped with a spool differential and 911 Turbo axles, and 16″ BBS wheels have also been fitted under removable RSR bodywork. The car weighs ~916kg!


The 16″ BBS wheels measure 11″ wide at the front and 14″ at the rear. The suspension includes a custom-fabricated 935-style front rack, bump steer kit, dyno’d JRZ dampeners, rear coilover conversion, and Taggert adjustable sway bars.

The front strut towers feature tubular reinforcements, and a square-section tubular crossmember is visible forward of the 15-gallon Fuel Safe fuel cell. A surge tank, Bosch fuel pumps and a 3-gallon oil tank with heater are also fitted. A large front-mount oil cooler is fitted ahead of the fuel cell, and an air extractor has been added to the front hood.

The engine was built by Dave Brown and reportedly has seen little track time since completed. It is based on a 964 3.8 RSR case and features a 102 mm bore and 76.4 mm stroke. Output is reportedly around 400 horsepower, and the build included the following components:

  • JE race pistons; 11.5:1 compression

  • Custom Webb RSR camshafts

  • Carrillo rods and rod bolts

  • Standard 964 crank

  • Boat-tailed main journals

  • Ported, polished and flowed heads

    • 44mm intake ports

    • 41mm exhaust valves

    • 53mm RSR intake valves

  • PMO induction with Electramotive XDI crank-fire ignition

  • RSR flywheel with Centerforce clutch

  • Aeroquip lines throughout

Stuttgart Classica plan to strip this car completely and rebuild it as a road-legal RSR trackday monster! Most of the upgrades will be serviced and restored or replaced with similar high end parts more suited to fast-road use.

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