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993 Engine'd SC

Headliner, catch can, fuel level sender and door frame

993 Engine'd SCWill ChappellComment

I have finally managed to find some time to work on my own car!  About a month ago I managed to get the Wonderland head lining installed. If any of you follow us on Instagram this is all old news.

Started by measuring the headlining out, and feeding the head lining rods in place.


1 million bull dog clips later.


Before sticking in to place, I placed the new interior light harness from Kroon in place.


Then using high temperature adhesive, we stuck it in.

The finished article, just the bits round the A, B and C pillars to glue down.  I am just awaiting some Alcantara leather to wrap those bits.


I also managed to get my new Mocal oil catch tank all located and buttoned up with vent breather fitted.


I unwrapped the front bumper, I might get around to fitting this soon hopefully!


One of the bits that I have been waiting on for a while is my custom ATL fuel sender, so last Friday afternoon, whilst it was raining, I stayed late and got the plate all drilled out and fitted rivet nuts to locate it down.  I am just waiting on some longer aluminium cap head bolts to finish the job off.


I had been waiting on some parts from the chromer for ages. They were slow, and generally pretty useless, most of the pieces they were refinishing for me I rejected, so they are having to go elsewhere to be re-re-finished.  I did manage to get the driver’s door frame assembled and refitted, all with the brand-new seals in place.

The only other job I have managed to get done was the steering column has been reinstated, and I have been working on my interior dash backdate.  What do you think?

Hopefully I can get the other door frame in tomorrow, and crack on a bit with the dash backdate completion.  The wiring loom is due at some point this month, so I can have fun figuring out where that all goes.  

Stay tuned, and let me know what you think to the build.

Headlight install, dash parts, wipers & brake servo

993 Engine'd SCWill ChappellComment

What have I been fitting I hear you ask?  Well, I started on the headlight reassembly. Including fitting our custom headlight bowls to accept the BI-LED Hella units with our own custom reflectors and flat glass.  What a novelty it will be to see where you’re going at night in an old 911!

I now realised I’m the glass seal missing so that drivers side needs to come off again, pain in the bum.  I got the glove box refitted, it came out really well I think.  I also fitted our dash backdate kit, it comes in four pieces, I covered the centre in four fluted perforated leather.

I am also planning on running front and heated windscreens in the car, so I got some custom buttons made, which I installed in the dash trim, right where the heater controls would have been.  I made up some stickers for the buttons.

Another discovery is that you can no longer get the seal for the smugglers box lid in RHD.  So I wiped all the old glue off the original seal, and re-stuck it in place.


Wiper motor, mechanism and some new swanky washer jets went in, with new seals of course!

Brake servo or booster if your American.  I think the cut out I had to make to the brake pedal rod area to clear the anti-roll bar should work out fine.

download (1).jpg

Wing to scuttle seals in.

download (2).jpg

I’ve also been messing about with the dashboard.  Luckily the unit opposite me is an old school trim shop.  As there is no heating in the car, there is no need for the dash vents, so I filled them with expanding foam, then fillered over it.  Came out really well actually.  When it is covered in leather I don’t think you would even know it was there.

Which leads me to my next problem, the ash tray.  I’m missing a bit!  Can anyone help?  I’ve tried Douglas Valley and emailed LA Dismantlers, yet to reply.  I am missing the hinge part that bolts to the underneath of the dash.  This is what I have

I believe this is the hinge down type.  Design911 sell the 964 type, does anyone know if this one they sell will fit?


Got some more bits and bobs coming in now.  Still waiting on some more bloody seals, the head lining.  Refurbished door frames and door handles will be back later this week hopefully, so will get that fitted when in.  Stay tuned….

Dash backdate

993 Engine'd SCWill ChappellComment

So this is what you get in the dash kit, four aluminium panels with cutouts for the heater controls, radio, ignition barrel etc. 

To start with I mock fitted the panels to the dash using blue tack.  On final assembly after paint, the dash panels will be attached using double sided foam tape.

After the help of Impactbumpers forum, Garry at Classic Carrera helped me out with some basket weave material. It's not actually weave, its perforated four flute leather.  So basically stamped material to simulate actual weave.  I bought a length of material from Garry which was enough to do a complete dash with a small amount left for mishaps!  Garry recommended a high temperature contact adhesive, so bought a tin of Ebay, and had ago at learning a new skill.  You really can't rush this job, took me an afternoon on a good rainy summer day at work.  The dash material comes slightly oversized and you trim down. 

I tackled the glove box panel first as it was just long with no cutouts.  I would work up to the harder shapes!  The glove box door needed slightly trimming down on the front edges to allow the aluminium panel to sit flat.  You could trim the panel down to fit the glove box, but I wanted a good tight fit between the backdate panels, so did it this way round. 

Glued in place and held the edges down with bulldog clips. 

Glued in place and held the edges down with bulldog clips. 

Then as if by magic, here is the finished article.

Then as if by magic, here is the finished article.

The last finishing touch which has the drill holes already in the glove box panel is the 911 badge. 

The last finishing touch which has the drill holes already in the glove box panel is the 911 badge. 

Here it is fitted in the car...