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Bedford Trackday

Group 4Jason EatonComment

On Monday I went to a track day with a couple of mates in M3s, one with a LS3!

I knew the Michelin TB15’s wouldn’t last long with the heat so it was time to see them off, they have done 3000 miles including a track day at the Nurburgring. I’ll probably buy some narrower wheels for track days so I can run some cheaper track tyres.

The gearbox started to get a little tight after a few laps so I’ll look into fitting/developing a 915 cooler kit. Oh, I also need a diff badly!

Abingdon Airfield

Porsche stuffJason EatonComment

Here is a short video showing our own project cars and the next project, the RSR filmed at Abingdon Airfield.

Big thank you to Mission Motorsport for organising the use of the airfield, and everyone else that helped with photos and videos on the day.


Group 4Jason EatonComment

I took the Group 4 to a circuitdays trackday at the Nürburgring last month. The car performed perfectly, I was a bit worried about the soft Michelin TB15 tyres but even with the great weather it didn’t cause much of an issue.

Prior to this trip I also fitted a turbo brake master cylinder, this along with the brake ducts from the Group 4 front bumper gave me plenty of confidence on the brakes.

I have the October trackday booked later this year, the only tweaks I might do is some siffer front springs as they are currently 125ft-lb.

Group 4

Group 4Jason EatonComment

The fibreglass arches and bumper have been mocked up and have gone off to the paintshop.

Shouldn’t have a problem driving at night…

The paint shop we are using for this job is Big Bear Kustoms, they specialise in Japanese body kits so this kind of work is second nature to them.

Luftgekühlt GB

Porsche stuffJason EatonComment

Today saw the first Luftgekühlt on British soil, and of course it rained...a lot.  Luckily it was still a great turnout with some really cool aircooled cars, some familiar and some new.  We both hope it becomes a reoccurring event. 

Headliner, catch can, fuel level sender and door frame

993 Engine'd SCWill ChappellComment

I have finally managed to find some time to work on my own car!  About a month ago I managed to get the Wonderland head lining installed. If any of you follow us on Instagram this is all old news.

Started by measuring the headlining out, and feeding the head lining rods in place.


1 million bull dog clips later.


Before sticking in to place, I placed the new interior light harness from Kroon in place.


Then using high temperature adhesive, we stuck it in.

The finished article, just the bits round the A, B and C pillars to glue down.  I am just awaiting some Alcantara leather to wrap those bits.


I also managed to get my new Mocal oil catch tank all located and buttoned up with vent breather fitted.


I unwrapped the front bumper, I might get around to fitting this soon hopefully!


One of the bits that I have been waiting on for a while is my custom ATL fuel sender, so last Friday afternoon, whilst it was raining, I stayed late and got the plate all drilled out and fitted rivet nuts to locate it down.  I am just waiting on some longer aluminium cap head bolts to finish the job off.


I had been waiting on some parts from the chromer for ages. They were slow, and generally pretty useless, most of the pieces they were refinishing for me I rejected, so they are having to go elsewhere to be re-re-finished.  I did manage to get the driver’s door frame assembled and refitted, all with the brand-new seals in place.

The only other job I have managed to get done was the steering column has been reinstated, and I have been working on my interior dash backdate.  What do you think?

Hopefully I can get the other door frame in tomorrow, and crack on a bit with the dash backdate completion.  The wiring loom is due at some point this month, so I can have fun figuring out where that all goes.  

Stay tuned, and let me know what you think to the build.